Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rounded End Five Petal Flower

The rounded ribbon edge is made with a washer and woodburning tool. Trace the end of the washer on the ribbon. This will cut the ribbon and seal the end at the same time.

Cut Ribbon to length; these petals are 1 3/4 inches.

Repeat process to make five petals.

Stitch petals together with a needle and upholstery thread.

Pull the threads tight and tie off on the back of flower.

Supplies used in this flower: 1 1/2 inch Ribbon, 1 1/2 inch Metal Washer (hardware store), Woodburner (craft store), Needle and Upholstery thread

Friday, April 3, 2009

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

Fold the ribbon over itself

While holding the angle fold the ribbon back over itself to create the petal end.

Sew each petal together similar to the pattern below.
Pintangle's flower pattern works well and no woodburner required.
The entire tutorial is at

Monday, January 5, 2009

How to make a 5 Petal Ribbon Flower

Cut Five Lengths of 7/8" Ribbon, all the at 2 1/2 inches long. Heat seal the ends.

Tip: Cut the lengths with a woodburner, which cuts and seals the ends in one step.
Fold the ribbon in half and mark the center edges with a pencil.

There are two ways to make the petal point on flowers, sewing the center points or heat sealing the center points.
Heat Seal Center Points
Bring Center marks together, hold with a pin. Touch the centers with the pointed tip of a wood burner. The wood burner will melt the ribbons together very quickly. Set the wood burner down and hold together for just a second to make sure they seal together.

Place a little bit of hot glue inside the pocket on the back side of the petal. Hold the new melted center to the middle of the petal back. This will hold your angle perfect and enforce the melted center.

Repeat the process on all petals.

Sewing Center Points Place needle through the center edge marks.

Pull tight and tie a couple of square knots.

Attach the center to the back with hot glue or sew it. This keeps the corner or peak the same degree/angle.

Bring the edges together on a petal (make sure the glued edge is on the back so the front will puff up a bit).
Thread a needle with upholstery thread and tie the ends together with a knot.
Sew with a needle using similar stitches on all of the petals.

Continue to sew the remaining petals on the same thread.

Pull the petals to the end, so they stop at the knot.

Thread the needle through the start petals first couple of stiches.

Pull the thread really tight, making sure all the edges stay flat or touching.

Tie the end off on the back side of flower.
Optional: Leave the beginning tail long and tie thread lengths together in a knot when the flower is complete.

Sew a center to the flower. This flower has a piece of scrapbook punched felt under a pink button, sewn with the same upholstery thread as used to make the flower.

Examples of the different lengths of ribbon.